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Fun facts

  • I don’t like coffee (my wife LOVES IT though)
  • I have literally herded cats
  • I dj 😎
  • I LOVE learning and exploring new concepts and ideas and bringing them to life.

Origin story

I pretty much knew I wanted to be a scientist since the age of 5. The declaration came while in Yosemite. My Mom and her best friend were getting ready for a wedding. I was sitting on the bed intently watching the Discovery Channel when my Mom’s friend turned to me and asked, “I have a favor to ask you. Will you be the ring bearer?”. After a few seconds of thought, I vehemently declared that I did not want to be a ring bearer and that, “I want to be a scientist!”. It was of course explained to me that the role was temporary and I could pursue both, so I graciously accepted the temporary ring bearer role. 😊 Here’s the evidence in all its glory…